Turtle Farm

Cayman Islands Turtle Farm

The Turtle Farm is a great place to take the whole family when on vacation in the Cayman Islands.

The primary attraction is of course, the turtles. There are many ways to see and interact with these gentle aquatic giants. To view adult Green Turtles, head over to the Green Turtle breeding tank, which holds turtles that are up to 500 pounds. For direct interaction, there are special tanks that allow children and adults to touch and even pick up baby turtles. To see young turtles in their native habitat, visitors can go for a snorkel in the Turtle Lagoon. The educational center offers a movie and exhibits about sea turtles and the history of the Turtle Farm. If you are very lucky, you may be able to witness the hatching of turtle eggs.

The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm has many other exciting attractions for the whole family. Children and adults can hand feed birds native to the Caribbean in the Free Flight Aviary. To view more dangerous species on your vacation, check out Predator Reef, with Barracuda, sharks and other predators. Check with the trainers for daily feeding times and other information.

Kids can burn off a bit of energy and take a break from the heat in Breaker’s Lagoon. The swimming pool has a water slide, several waterfalls and a Beach Volleyball court. Or, take a stroll, along Blue Hole Nature Trail, where you can view butterflies and flora native to the Cayman Islands.

If all the activity makes you a bit hungry, drop by the centrally located Schooners Bar and Grill. The Cracked Conch, a favorite local restaurant, is also located right near the Turtle Farm.

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