Snorkeling off Eden Rock

Underwater views near Eden Rock in Grand Cayman
Underwater views near Eden Rock

Snorkeling in the waters of Grand Cayman is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Many of the best snorkel spots are easily accessible from the beach. Eden Rock, one of Grand Cayman’s best snorkel spots, is located within easy walking distance (4 minute walk) of the cruise ship terminals in Georgetown. Parking for other visitors is available nearby, as are numerous restaurants and shops.

Eden Rock is incredibly beautiful, with some of the most impressive coral formations around the island, as well as numerous fish – like swimming in an aquarium filled with sergeant majors and yellowtails! Stairs cut in to the iron shore allow easy access to the site.

Eden Rock also offers excellent diving. There are numerous caves to explore. Just south of Eden Rock is Devil’s Grotto, which features coral heads and open chimneys. Further west, coral peaks lead out to edge of the Wall, where you will find Parrot’s Reef, Seaview Reef and Sunset Reef.

There are several local dive shops located near Eden Rock (one is located right at Eden Rock and shares the same name) that will book snorkel and dive tours to some of more remote areas of the island. These shops also rent snorkel and dive equipment and are happy to provide more information about the area.

Whether you choose to snorkel or dive, this is an experience not to be missed!

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