Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

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    Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park
  • Botanic Park in Grand Cayman
    Exploring the gardens
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    On the Blue Dragon Trail at the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park
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    Blue Iguana
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This beautiful park in Grand Cayman is home to the world’s most endangered Iguana, the Blue Iguana. Through the efforts of local volunteers and the National Trust, the “Blue Dragon” population is slowly on the increase. The park is the best place to see these rare creatures in their natural habitat.

The whole family will enjoy the surrounding gardens and cultural center. The Woodland Trail offers access to the Floral and Cactus Gardens, as well as a showcase Heritage Garden, which showcases plants that played an important role in Cayman’s history.

Plan to spend at least an hour strolling through the various gardens. Along the Orchid trail, the Banana Orchids start to show their beautiful colors in May.

Plan a good hour for a leisurely stroll along the paths. Be sure to carry snacks for the kids, as the cafe offers only ice cream and bottled drinks.

This location is a top destination for all travelers to the Cayman Islands.

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