Helicopter Tour

Cayman Islands Helicopters is the only provider of helicopter tours in the Cayman Islands. This tour is terrific and certainly a memorable experience for the whole family while on vacation in the Cayman Islands.

The company provides three distinct tours, Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City or the Total Island Experience. The Seven Mile Beach and Stingray City tours are about 20 minutes in duration, while the total island tour is about 45 minutes. Regardless of your tour selection, the views of the beaches and reefs of the Cayman Islands are spectacular.

The helicopter is designed for outside viewing by all passengers, so don’t forget to bring your camera to record your experiences!

Prices vary seasonally and depending on whether you book through the cruise ship, directly with the operator or through an excursion company. Generally, prices run about US$120 for a 20 minute tour.

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