Nautilus Undersea Adventures

Nautilus Undersea Tour in Grand Cayman
Undersea view from the Nautilus

The Nautilus Undersea Tour is one of our favorite family adventures in Grand Cayman. The Nautilus is a semi-submarine, which never completely submerges. The air-conditioned lower deck offers stunning views of the Callie and the Balboa shipwrecks, as well as a bounty of sea life. The guided tour continues past Cheeseburger Reef, a vibrant reef ecosystem, where divers hand-feed fish right outside the Nautilus windows for plenty of photo opportunities.

This unforgettable tour of Grand Cayman’s beautiful reef and marine life will delight the whole family.

For those visiting grand Cayman from aboard a cruise ship, the Nautilus departs from Georgetown, and is a 10 minute walk from the cruise terminals. For those driving, plenty of parking is available at the departure point. See the map below for location details.

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